How it works

Our programs are 4-6 weeks of online expert content.
Flexible time investment = more time for you to grow, learn
and do, on your own terms.

The Basics

Duration: 4 and 6 weeks. The curriculum is comprised of expert content from speakers, reading/listening/watching resources, meetings, virtual events, workshops, networking opportunities and more.

The Content

3-5 hours per week of curated live content by our speakers, experts, and mentors. Life gets in the way and you can't attend a session? No problem, you can watch on-demand at a time that suits you.

The Community

All Klub members are experts in their fields and eager to share knowledge. Make use of your community and gain valuable insight, use cases, and best practices.

The Time

Flexible time investment is something that TOA Klub abides by. Our programs make it easy for you to study on the go and in your own time.

What you get